COMSovereign Holding Corp. has assembled a portfolio of US-based communications technology companies whose combined capabilities enable connectivity across the entire data transmission spectrum. Through strategic acquisitions and organic research and development efforts, COMSovereign is seeking to become a U.S.-based pure-play communications provider able to provide LTE Advanced and 5G-NR telecom solutions to network operators and enterprises worldwide.

The current demand for existing network upgrades to 4G LTE is greater than the $4.7 billion capex budgeted to transition to 5G. Carriers are expected to spend an estimated $18 billion upgrading networks to 4G LTE. While 4G LTE networks can coexist with 5G, latent 3G networks are set to “sunset” by 2022, which requires communications infrastructure installers to have the technologies to upgrade latent networks to 4G LTE first, before continuing to transition to 5G. COMSovereign has assembled a portfolio of industry-leading, disruptive, communications and power technologies and other niche companies capable of addressing these needs with rapid integration and expansion. COMSovereign’s portfolio companies are all US companies, creating a unique pure-play US communications infrastructure company, an increasingly important security factor as more and more devices come online driven by the ongoing Internet of Things revolution. Overall, COMSovereign’s companies serve a total addressable market of $1.7 trillion.

  • Total Addressable Market: $1.2 trillion
    • Portfolio companies serve entire spectrum of communications infrastructure needs
    • Markets served growing at an average CAGR of 16.87%

  • Projecting combined revenues of $150M-$180M in 2021
    • Company generated $15.3M revenue in FY19
    • Combined revenues are expected to grow to $150M-$180M in 2021; additional acquisitions could provide further growth
  • Substantial intellectual property protections
    • 75 patents granted
    • 7 patents pending; 22 patents to be filed
  • Completed uplisting to Nasdaq in January 2021
    • Improved visibility driving increasing investor interest
    • Credibility of major exchange listing beneficial for ongoing M&A activity
  • Experienced management and technology team
    • World-class team with history of execution in telecom and technology
    • Board includes David Aguilar, former Commissioner of the US Border Patrol, where he oversaw the agency’s entire workforce of 60,000+